Distributors And Their Territories - Getting The Work Done, One Piece At Time.


In Connecticut, beer distributors’ territories are set by the manufacturer and are formalized via franchise contracts. As a result, distributors are held accountable to manufacturers, retailers/restaurants, and the State of Connecticut.

MANUFACTURERS mandate that distributors assure product quality and consumer satisfaction, taking responsibility for safety recalls as well as consumer education in the prevention of abuse.

CRAFT BREWERIES rely on the distribution network to deliver product to market, and through distributors, has become a growth industry in the State.

RETAILERS (local liquor stores, restaurants, and other permittees) have a local relationship through their distributors, with universal access to product, regardless of permittee size.

THE STATE OF CONNECTICUT is able to fulfill the environmental regulations of the Bottle Bill thru distributors, who not only collect and process redeemed recylables, they also collect and return to the State, unredeemed deposits ($6.1 million/2010), known as “escheats.”

As stated by Commissioner Sullivan, the STATE’S DEPARTMENT OF REVENUE SERVICES recognizes and depends on the efficiency of having distributors collect the alcoholic beverages tax.

“Using distributors makes it a much more efficient process of collection and it does not require that we be chasing all of the retailers in the State of Connecticut.”
— Kevin Sullivan, Commissioner, State of Connecticut, Department of Revenue Services reporting to the Liquor Pricing Task Force, August 1, 2012.