Family Owned Businesses, Providing Jobs For Connecticut Families

Founded 30 years ago, the Connecticut Beer Wholesalers Association (CBWA) represents six family-owned businesses with a mission of responsibility.

VintageCollection-crop-for-webDaily, we take responsibility for the safe and efficient delivery of a controlled substance to authorize permittee, as well as responsibility for providing a quality work environment for our family of employees.

After decades of quietly serving the people of Connecticut, the CBWA is actively sharing our story and asking for the support from our legislators to protect our industry and the jobs we provide.

Recently, our membership roster changed, and we are now solely comprised of distributors dedicated to opposing proposed changes to our State’s liquor laws and maintaining a marketplace that honors the interests of small distributors, local liquor stores, and restaurants.

• Quantity discounts and depletion allowances
• Changes to additional permitting
• Unraveling the territory, franchise and three-tier system
• The elimination of transparent price posting

WE STAND UNITED IN WELCOMING AN UNBIASED REVIEW of our regional competitiveness and the impact on consumer pricing as a result of:
• Recent tax increases
• Recent changes to Bottle Bill legislation.

Before there can be any changes to our current system, we must fully recognize Connecticut’s uncompetitive position compared to the tax structures of neighboring states.